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Fotograf Daniela Dickens

First exhibition!

May 2019, Stockholm


based in

Stockholm, Sweden

First exhibition!

Stockholm, May 2019.


My art started as a way of having a

creative outlet, for an audience no bigger

than myself. I wanted it to just be about

the genuine happiness of creating,

and avoid any pressure.

For years I kept it very close to my heart,

until I felt that I wanted to do more with it

than just having the photos on my harddrive, but still keep the positive feeling and avoid the negative in my creative space. And seeing my photography in print is making my heart woop.

With years of experience in photography, the focus of my art is to please none other than myself. I catch the beauty and naturalness in this world - things that make me feel

happy and calm.

My art is not about raising questions or discussions, but to catch and radiate the feeling I had when I took the picture.

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