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Cecilia W: 2015

I mean - look at this girl! These were the first test-photos I took after we arrived. One of the photos is before she even had the chance to change clothes. Yes, we changed clothes outside, and also having jeans under maxi dresses and jumpsuits (I will post those awesome behind-the-scenes-photos someday).

I hadn't set the settings on the camera yet and were just snapping away when she was jumping around, feeling awkward and started to laugh.

And that's why I Love these photos. This is the kind of photos where I don't care about the quality, the bluriness or the sharp backlight. These are just test-photos when warming up, that just happened to be too amazing not to use because of the feeling in them. The happiness she expresses that goes through the lens.

This is one of the things I like most when photographing people. Catching or creating moments, expressions, feelings.

Cissi is my best friend, and we have so much fun when photographing. And she might scold me a little for posting these pictures of her - but come on! The girl has too much of a beautiful smile not to show them.

#Cecilia #Cissi #Portrait #Porträtt #Photography #Fotografi

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