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A little update in the galleries! Now every gallery except "Nature, Things & Other" is updated with photos from 2013. Yes - I am that behind. So many photos to go through. At least 2013 are all edited and done, and just have to upload - but I have raw-files from 2014 and onwards that haven't been edited yet.

But I have so many photos of nature, flowers, light etc, so I actually have to upload them monthly. Otherwise I get the feeling they disappear in the masses. I have a feeling I am going to have to split that gallery into two in a while... So hard to be selective! But for now, here are some of the latest photos from that gallery!

Check out the gallery to see the rest!

#Fotografi #Photography #Nature #Flowers #Light #Natur #Blommor #Art #NaturePhotography #Naturfotografi

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