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First signature on "Lugnet"

Here are two photos of me signing a print for the first time- "Lugnet" in 50 x 70 cm. Usually I choose titles for my pictures in English, but this one's in Swedish and pretty much means "The calm". It's taken in Hälsingland, which is very Swedish for me so it fits.

And this print might (very excitingly!) be in a short movie! This week I am going down to take behind the scenes-photos of a film location for a short movie, which is written and directed by a family member. It's going to be so inspiring watching her create this movie that she has developed from scratch. She had an idea, wrote a script for it and now they are about to film it with her both starring in it and directing it! How awesome! More about that later!

Oh, and PS! I formulated my first contract today! Doing things like this make me so inspired!

#Candids #Naturfotografi #NaturePhotography #Natur #Nature #Söderhamn #Hälsingland #Sverige #Sweden #Art

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