So many things have been going on this summer, and one of them was the short film Greta's Bnb, as I mentioned a few entries back. I had the honor to be the BTS-photographer of this production, which means I got to be the annoying person who takes photos of everyone and pretty much all the time.

And I had so much fun! Before going down there, I kind of braced myself to feel that I was being in the way with my camera. You know, people are working and everything is stressful and so many things have to work out - and there I would be in the middle with my camera just pissing people off a little extra.

But again: So much fun! Sure, not everyone feel relaxed in front of the camera (me included), but people got so into the photos and couldn't wait to see them! And when the lovely production designer Louise started asking me about my opinion on things like photos and prints, you really start to feel a part of the production, instead of someone who's just being in the way.

And there is so much to write about this, because so many things happened during these few days. Like working to late at night because it's Swedish summer and it's not that easy to shoot a night-scene when the sun doesn't want to go down, and when the keys disappeared so we couldn't get into the house at 01.30 in the morning, where we were going to sleep, and when one of my best friends came to join us and had a part in the movie!

However, that might come in another entry, but for now I wanted to show some of my favourites from the film-shoot!

Gretas BnB - Written by Angelika Roberts. Directed by Elisabeth Seth Rippe and Produced by Dark Duck Studios and Angelika Roberts. Editing/Post-Production by Marcus Johansson (Johansson & Nilsson Produktion) and Sound by John Johansson (All Guts Audio). Costume by Sofie Eliasson. And every single person on this amazing crew!

Starring: Angelika Roberts, Madeleine Falk, Maria Fahl Vikander, Jan Rippe, Matti Boustedt, Toni Rhodin, Anna-Lu Franz.

If you would like to support this project (please do!) - click here! (Swedish)

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